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  • Aug 7, 2023 · On this page, it says that A Bell, Eighteen Amber Beads will reveal lore if the mark of communication is obtained from Five Pebbles, ...

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  • today's jam is Threat - Farm Arrays which we didn't actually hear any of somehow nor did any other tunes show up but let me have this i don't know what else ...

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  • Danatronics Echo 9FD Flaw Detector , Echo Valley Glass Gazing Globe for Yard and Garden Decoration, 10 , Animal Menagerie Silk Square Scarf.

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  • A Rain World interactive map using leaflet and GeoJSON data exported from the game files. - henpemaz/Rain-World-Interactive-Map

Rain World Interactive Map

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  • May 16, 2024 · Farm Arrays. Requires Karma 3. ✔️DLC. Pipeyard. Requires Karma 3. Information. Internal name. SI (Sky ...

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  • Steam page ->store.steampowered.com/app/312520/Rain_World/ All credit goes to the incredible people that made this masterpiece.

Rain World - Farm Arrays (Soundtrack OST) by FAKE - SoundCloud

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  • A Rain World interactive map using leaflet and GeoJSON data exported from the game files. - henpemaz/Rain-World-Interactive-Map

Rain World Interactive Map

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  • Rain World is a massive and intricate kingdom of flora and fauna ... Farm Arrays-Subterranean-Ascension. This path allows the player to travel ...

  • Rain World is a massive and intricate kingdom of flora and fauna, overgrown wilds and sturdy complexes. Below is a list of all the regions of Rain World; A collection of decaying structures that make up the far reaches of the Complex, and where the slugcat's long journey will most likely begin... A massive factory consisting of warehouses, smokestacks, and conveyor belts (all broken down of course), infested with many types of predators including the tenacious centipedes and the dreaded vultures

Regions | Rain World Wiki - Fandom

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  • Dec 27, 2020 · Listen to Rain World - Farm Arrays OST, a playlist curated by Rain World OST on desktop and mobile.

  • Soundtrack of Rain World created by Bright Primate, organized by region and themes.

Listen to Rain World - Farm Arrays OST - SoundCloud

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  • May 16, 2024 · Subterranean spans both sides of the world, connecting to. Farm Arrays in the west and. Shoreline in the far east. The western side of the ...

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Subterranean - Official Rain World Wiki - Miraheze
Rain World Farm Arrays (2024)


What is the hardest area in Rain World? ›

The Exterior is a wildly challenging and difficult region and is intended to be one of the last regions in the game. featuring both scenic views and deadly enemies. The Exterior is an extremely hard region, with platforming mechanics that will push the player to their limits.

Is Rain World hard? ›

As almost any critical or user review will tell you, Rain World is a difficult game. It isn't and shouldn't be controversial to say so. However, opinions diverge on the significance of this difficulty.

How long does it take to beat Rain World? ›

28 Hours
Main Story6019h 15m
Main + Extras3029h
All PlayStyles10326h

Is monk easy mode Rain World? ›

The Monk is a yellow Slugcat and the easy mode of Rain World.

What is the easiest route in Rain World? ›

Although it is completely up to the player which route they choose, the most common path for Easy and Normal Mode speedruns and streamlined completion is; Outskirts-Industrial Complex-Garbage Wastes-Shoreline-Shaded Citadel-The Exterior-Five Pebbles-The Exterior-Chimney Canopy-Sky Islands-Farm Arrays-Subterranean- ...

Can you survive the rain in Rain World? ›

Technically speaking yes. If you can get above the clouds or beyond the reach of the rainclouds. Only possible in very specific zones. If the rain is already starting as you go up though the screen shake will stay despite being past the clouds so you have to get above them early enough for it not to be annoying.

Does the rain end in Rain World? ›

Each cycle in Rain World has a random duration, visible in the bottom left corner surrounding the karma symbol. The "pips" each represent 30 seconds, and each cycle can last a maximum of 26 pips (13 minutes) with an extra 20 seconds not shown in the timer.

How to get max karma Rain World? ›

Once Slugcat has visited 4 Echoes, their maximum Karma level reaches 10, and further visited Echoes do not raise it.

Does Rain World have a goal? ›

Rain World is a platforming survival game set in a dismal world in the process of being drowned by an endless storm. Players will take control of a tiny Slugcat and try to survive the treacherous terrain and the lethal predators on their path to a better life.

How long do cycles last in Rain World? ›

Rain/Cycle Duration
Cycle length per Slugcat
Survivor Hunter Artificer Spearmaster6:4013:20
Monk Gourmand Rivulet after obtaining the Rarefaction Cell Rivulet in Expedition Saint while starving or in Rubicon9:0013:20
3 more rows
May 27, 2024

How do you get outlaw Rain World? ›

The easiest way to get outlaw is to travel to the shaded citadel and just kill 2 lantern mice per day for few cycles (you'll also be able to get the friend achievement at the same time this way if a lizard grabs those dead mice).

How do you skip unfortunate development in Rain World? ›

Unfortunate Development is an optional subregion and can be circumvented by taking the bottom left path in the first large room Slugcat encounters while traveling upwards from the gate.

Should I play as monk or survivor in Rain World? ›

Difficulty modes take the form of different playable characters: the Survivor (original) and the Monk (easier). If you like hard games like Hollow Knight or Dark Souls, stick with Survivor. If you love Rain World's style but aren't into hard games, the Monk could certainly help.

Is monk the weakest class? ›

Probably. Monk in the tt rules is by many counted as the worst class, delivering by far the least dmg etc.

How to tame a blue lizard in Rain World? ›

Baiting them into an area where they are forced into a choke point, hitting them with a Rock to flip them over, then stabbing them is a good strategy to dispatch them. Additionally, a Blue Lizard latching on with its tongue grants a good opportunity to throw a Spear into its mouth.

What are the difficulty levels in Rain World? ›

Monk (Yellow), Survivor (White), and Hunter (Red) correspond to easy, medium, and hard difficulties, respectively.

How many regions are in Rain World? ›

There are twelve different regions in Rain World. Each could be considered a "biome" as many flora and fauna in a region depend on natural aspects, such as height or amount of water. Likewise, creatures in a watery region tend to be amphibious, while creatures that live in the Sky Islands have flight capabilities.

Is there combat in Rain World? ›

Basic combat

To hurt them, Slugcat usually needs to Spear them in their softer back. Rocks flip Lizards over when thrown at their heads. A Spear can be thrown immediately after for a simple attack. Remember to keep the Rock in the Slugcat's right hand to throw first!

Can you swim in Rain World? ›

To swim underneath the surface (and consequently faster), use swim-strokes / boosts to swim slightly upwards, angle down slightly to maintain initial depth, and repeat. Counteracting upwards drift is important for swimming through underwater tunnels, to avoid being trapped against the ceiling.

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