Columbus Community Pride 2023 Festival: Here to Stay! | Mayme Moore Park, Columbus, OH | September 23, 2023 (2024)


Sat Sep 23 2023 at 12:00 pm to 07:00 pm


Mayme Moore Park | Columbus, OH

Columbus Community Pride 2023 Festival: Here to Stay! | Mayme Moore Park, Columbus, OH | September 23, 2023 (1) Save the Date! Our annual Columbus Community Pride Festival will be on Saturday, September 23rd at Mayme Moore Park from 12-7PM!

Columbus Community Pride 2023: Here to Stay celebrates the enduring legacy of resistance and survival in the face of unrelenting state violence. The theme reminds us that Black and Brown queer, trans, and intersex folks from all walks of life have always preserved by grounding ourselves in intentional community and building our own systems of care, safety, and healing outside of the influence of the state. We are rooted in these values and this is what allows Community Pride to continue to flourish.

“Here to Stay” also honors how our queer, trans, and intersex elders from communities of color have led countless movements toward liberation throughout history. We believe that working for the most marginalized among us will serve to benefit everyone, and our collective liberations as oppressed peoples are intertwined. We thus work for the liberation of all oppressed people, including but not limited to those in oppressed positions based on their gender, sexuality, race, socioeconomic status, employment, housing, citizenship, disability, religion, etc. We remain in solidarity with local and broader struggles against oppressive forces that disrupt our livelihoods and opporunity to live freely.

And of course, Community Pride itself is here to stay. Building upon our previous themes thus far, “Back to Our Roots” (2018), “Decades of Resistance” (2019), “FTP!” (2020/2021), and “The Future is Queer” (2022), we are happy to be bringing this grassroots festival celebration into its sixth year in central Ohio. As we navigate the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, white supremacists disrupting queer spaces, fascist legislation at the Ohio Statehouse, police targeting our people, and more, we maintain our commitment to resisting state violence in all its forms and building abolitionist futures.

We retain our commitment to Black trans elder Miss Major Griffin-Gracy words: “I’m still f*cking here!” by striving to make the world a better place for future generations of queer, trans, and intersex folks. We know that to do this, we must also continue to cultivate our connection to those ancestors who previously did the same for us. Here to Stay declares that queer, trans, and intersex folks refuse to be eliminated and will continue to fight for our right to now only survive, but thrive, for many generations to come.

Columbus Community Pride 2023: Here to Stay will have summer events starting in May and running through June, then we’ll take a summer break and return for fall events in August, and September. We hope that you will support and celebrate with us in whatever way you choose, whether that be donating to our fundraising, attending an event, telling a loved one, or sharing on social media why Community Pride is important to you. The schedule of events is below; this list will continue to be updated with further details as they become available, as will our social media platforms.

Our fall Community Pride festival will be at Mayme Moore Park on Saturday, September 23rd, 2023, from 12-7PM. We hope to see you there!

Here is our current schedule of our fall events ahead of the festival on September 23rd! Can't wait to see you soooon Community Pride family :-)
- Saturday, May 6th at 12-2PM – Paint ‘N Brunch at the Vanderelli Room
- Friday, June 9th at 10pm-1a -- Kink/BDSM 101 Night at the Citadel
- Saturday, June 17th at 7:30-9:30pm -- Queer Speed Dating at Highlife Studio
- Saturday, June 17th at 10pm-1a -- Queer Club Night at Highlife Studio
- Twerk and Pole Dancing 101 Class (Location and time TBA)
- Inclusive Pool Day (Location and time TBA)
- Queer Skate Night (Location and time TBA)
- Queer Community Cookout (Location and time TBA)

Here are our September and October events!! Location and time TBA for our fall lineup.
- Queer Karaoke Night
- Queer Trivia Night
- Field Day
- Burlesque Show
- Queer Variety Show/Queer Art Night
- Community Documentary Screening and Panel Discussion
Columbus Community Pride 2023: Here to Stay - Saturday, September 23rd from 12-7PM at Mayme Moore Park (867 Mt. Vernon Ave).

Join us at Mayme Moore Park on Saturday, September 23rd for a full day of free festivities and merriment by and for us!
- Live music and performances by local LGBTQ+ bands and artists!
- Vendor booths by local LGBTQ+ artists and entrepreneurs!
- Info fair for local LGBTQ+ organizations!
- Kids activities! (Masks required in the youth activity zone)
- Food trucks!
- Workshops!
- Beautiful queer people and our love!!!
Donate to support Community Pride 2023 here:
If you'd like to organize the festival and events with us go to
COVID-19: The festival is all outdoors. We are not asking for proof of vaccination, but do ask that all attendees wear a mask for the safety of others, especially children, as this pandemic isn't over yet. We will provide masks for those who need one, and there will be hand sanitizer stations throughout the park.

Getting to the festival: Mayme Moore Park is located off of Mt Vernon Ave in the King-Lincoln neighborhood, just east of downtown Columbus. Closest COTA bus stops are serviced by routes 7, 9, and 11. We hope to secure some lot parking, and there is street parking in the neighborhood.
RSVPs are not required. Share this page with your friends!

We're so excited to celebrate with y'all!!!

Where is it happening?

Mayme Moore Park, 867 Mt Vernon Ave,Columbus,OH,United States

Columbus Community Pride 2023 Festival: Here to Stay! | Mayme Moore Park, Columbus, OH | September 23, 2023 (2)

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Columbus Community Pride 2023 Festival: Here to Stay! | Mayme Moore Park, Columbus, OH | September 23, 2023 (2024)


How many people go to Columbus Pride? ›

The city's first Pride march happened in 1981 with just 200 people. Today, Stonewall Columbus Pride welcomes more than 700,000 visitors.

How long is the Pride parade in Columbus Ohio? ›

Our primary goal is to make sure that the Stonewall Columbus Pride Parade is exciting for our spectators from beginning to end. How long is the Parade? For participants, it typically takes between 60-90 minutes to travel the approx. 1.2 mile-route from formation to dispersal.

What is community Pride? ›

Community pride is considered to be community cohesion activities that build pride in our district and celebrate the artistic, sporting and cultural achievements of our people and the diversity of their culture.

Where is Pride columbus? ›

Stonewall Columbus Pride™, the annual Central Ohio region event celebrating LGBTQIA+ rights, culture, and progress, will return to Goodale Park and the Short North Arts District on the third weekend of June 2022.

How many people are at Pride? ›

Parade Details

The parade will see over 600 LGBT+ community groups march, with 30,000 people registered overall this year.

Where is Columbus Pride 2024? ›

The 2024 Stonewall Pride March came to downtown and Short North in Columbus, Ohio, with thousands in attendance for the event.

What are the three types of pride? ›

Three types of pride, dignity, superiority and arrogance, are distinguished, their mental ingredients are singled out, and two experimental studies are presented showing that they are conveyed by different combinations of smile, eyebrow and eyelid positions, and head posture.

Who started the pride community? ›

On November 2, 1969, Craig Rodwell, his partner Fred Sargeant, Ellen Broidy, and Linda Rhodes proposed the first pride march to be held in New York City by way of a resolution at the Eastern Regional Conference of hom*ophile Organizations (ERCHO) meeting in Philadelphia.

What is the pride community symbol? ›

Rainbow. The best-known symbol for the LGBTQ+ community, the rainbow's association with Pride dates to 1978 when Gilbert Baker designed the original Pride flag.

Is Columbus Pride free? ›

In addition to this, the Stonewall Columbus Pride Parade ends at our very large Pride Festival, which is free to attend, but cost the organization money to produce.

Where to park for Pride Columbus? ›

Columbus Pride Parking
  • Lot 35AB - 164 Vine St. (63) 11 min(0.5 mi) $ 10.
  • 165 W. Vine St. - Lot 35E. (119) ...
  • 29 West Starr Ave. - Personal Spot F. (17) 14 min(0.7 mi) ...
  • 33 E Nationwide Blvd. - Valet (Covered Parking) (25) ...
  • 85 E Spring St - 3rd and Spring Lot. (26) 18 min(0.8 mi) ...
  • Lot 19 - 228 N Lazelle St. (41) 21 min(0.9 mi)

What is the parade route in Columbus Ohio? ›

The parade is free to march in, and no registration is required. The parade route lines up at 12:00pm on Park Street and at 1:00pm parades W on Buttles Ave, S on Dennison Ave, W on Collins St, N on Neil Ave, E on W. 2nd Ave, S on N. High St, and ends at W.

How many people visit Columbus every year? ›

Experience Columbus reported on Thursday that the greater Columbus area had a record 51.2 million visitors in 2023, up from 49.6 visitors in 2022. A Tourism Economics study showed the travel industry supports more than 82,500 jobs in Columbus and Franklin County.

How many people go to the Columbus Zoo? ›

Saving Wildlife., has propelled us from being a small Ohio zoo to achieving international recognition as the renowned Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. Today, the Zoo warmly welcomes more than 2.2 million visitors annually.

How many people attend World Pride? ›

An estimated five million people attended events in Manhattan during the final weekend of WorldPride NYC alone, making it the largest LGBT pride event ever held.

How many people are moving to Columbus? ›

Columbus grew once again in 2023, according to U.S. Census data, marking another year of growth for one of the nation's largest cities. According to U.S. Census data, the population of Columbus grew in 2023 from 908,238 the year prior to 913,175 — a growth of just over a half a percent.

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