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Experiencing the isolating grip of Mordekaiser’s ultimate, Death Realm, can be daunting for many players. Although traditional cleansing abilities or Summoner’s Spell Cleanse won’t free you, opting for a Quicksilver Sash or its upgrade, Mercurial Scimitar, can. Using these items negates the ult, thrusting you back into the standard realm and your awaiting team.

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Which champions can remove Mordekaiser’s Death Realm?

Champions with cleansing abilities or who can become untargetable dodge the despair of Mordekaiser’s ult. Think Kayn in his Umbral Trespass or Zed using his Death Mark wisely. Champions like Gangplank with his Remove Scurvy (W) ability, or Olaf with his ultimate, Ragnarok, also shrug off the fearsome control.

  1. Gangplank: His Remove Scurvy (W) ability allows him to cleanse crowd control, but it doesn’t directly counter Mordekaiser’s ultimate. However, the health gain can help him survive the duel.
  2. Olaf: While his ultimate, Ragnarok, doesn’t remove the Death Realm, it makes him immune to crowd control and grants him increased attack speed and reduced damage, which can be crucial for winning the duel against Mordekaiser.
  3. Tryndamere: His ultimate, Undying Rage, can be strategically used to survive the damage Mordekaiser inflicts, allowing him to potentially win the fight or at least stay alive until the effect of the Death Realm ends.
  4. Zilean: If timed correctly, Zilean’s ultimate, Chronoshift, can revive whoever Mordekaiser takes to the Death Realm, including himself, providing a second chance to win the duel.
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What happens if you cleanse Mordekaiser’s ultimate ability?

Should you successfully cleanse Mordekaiser’s ultimate, you thwart his attempt to isolate and duel you in the Death Realm, denying him potential stat advantages and turning the battle’s momentum in your favor.

  1. Standard Cleanse Ineffectiveness: The Summoner Spell “Cleanse” and other standard cleansing abilities from champions do not remove Mordekaiser’s ultimate. This ultimate is not classified as standard crowd control (like a stun, root, or slow), which these abilities can remove. Instead, it creates a new environment for a duel, and thus the usual cleansing techniques do not apply.
  2. Using Quicksilver Sash (QSS) or Mercurial Scimitar: These items are the exception to the rule. Using the active ability of QSS or Mercurial Scimitar does cleanse Mordekaiser’s ultimate. When you activate QSS while in the Death Realm, you’re immediately removed from the duel and returned to the regular map, leaving Mordekaiser alone in his Death Realm. This immediate exit can significantly disrupt Mordekaiser’s strategy, as his ultimate is often used to eliminate a key player from an ensuing team fight or to secure a kill by isolating a vulnerable target.

Counterplay options for Mordekaiser’s ult in LoL.

Smart positioning, vision control, and predictive movement diminish Mordekaiser’s ult opportunities. Keeping vigilant about his position and avoiding solo encounters, especially in the absence of vision, are keys to victory.

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Best champions to counter Mordekaiser ult.

Selecting agile, slippery champions like Fiora, who can parry with Riposte, or Tryndamere, utilizing his Undying Rage, provides survivability. These champions’ unique abilities afford critical seconds that could spell victory or defeat.

Mordekaiser ultimate interactions with QSS.

The Quicksilver Sash is your go-to item in response to Mordekaiser’s ultimate. When timed perfectly, it nullifies his ability to isolate you, preserving your position on the battlefield and maintaining crucial team dynamics and support.

List of champions with abilities that can break out of Mordekaiser’s ult.

Beyond the aforementioned, champions like Xayah with Featherstorm, Vladimir with Sanguine Pool, or Fizz using Playful/Trickster, showcase abilities granting brief untargetability or stasis, perfect for evading Mordekaiser’s clutches.

  1. Quicksilver Sash/Mercurial Scimitar: These are the only items that can directly interrupt Mordekaiser’s ult. Upon activation, they remove the Realm of Death’s effect, bringing your champion back to the normal game map. It’s essential for players who are likely targets of Mordekaiser’s ult to consider incorporating these items into their builds.
  2. Spell Shields (e.g., Sivir’s E – Spell Shield, Nocturne’s W – Shroud of Darkness): These abilities don’t remove Mordekaiser’s ult once you’re in the Death Realm, but they can prevent it. If timed perfectly, these abilities block the application of the Realm of Death, preventing the isolation phase from happening. Note that this requires anticipation or quick reflexes.
  3. Gangplank’s W – Remove Scurvy: While this ability cannot remove Mordekaiser’s ult once inside the Death Realm, it’s worth noting because players often mistake it as a counter. It can remove crowd control but not the effects of Mordekaiser’s ult.
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Escaping Death Realm in League of Legends.

Reacting swiftly with items like Zhonya’s Hourglass can surprise Mordekaiser, wasting his ultimate’s duration and potentially positioning him poorly once you return to the shared battlefield.

Tips for surviving Mordekaiser’s Death’s Grasp.

Maintain distance to dodge his E, Death’s Grasp. Should he ult you, keep calm, analyze his build to predict his moves, and exploit his cooldowns? Kiting, crowd control, and timely shield usage can drastically increase survival odds.

  1. Positioning: Mordekaiser’s Death’s Grasp has a significant tell and cast time. Stay behind minions as the ability doesn’t pass through them, and be constantly aware of your positioning relative to Mordekaiser to avoid getting pulled.
  2. Dodging Skillshots: Like many skill shot abilities, anticipating and moving perpendicularly to the cast direction can help you dodge Death’s Grasp. Keeping an eye on Mordekaiser’s movements and animation will give you the split-second needed to move out of the way.
  3. Warding and Map Awareness: Mordekaiser can easily set up ganks or surprise attacks with Death’s Grasp, especially from the fog of war. Maintain good ward coverage and map awareness to avoid being caught off guard.
  4. Quick Reaction Abilities: If you’re playing champions with dash, blink, or movement speed abilities, you can often use these to dodge Death’s Grasp if you react quickly. Champions with these evasive abilities tend to fare better against Mordekaiser.
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How to outplay Mordekaiser’s ultimate as an ADC?

Positioning is power. Stay back during skirmishes, keep an eye on Mordekaiser, and have your Quicksilver ready. Map awareness and communication with your support can set up protective measures or turnabouts.

Mordekaiser ult mechanics and strategies.

Understanding is half the battle. Recognize that Mordekaiser seeks to isolate squishy targets or out-of-position champions. Capitalize on this by baiting his ult in coordinated traps or saving crowd control for an immediate follow-up when he re-emerges.

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