A Tampa Riverwalk Date Night For Any Style (2024)

It’s no secret that Tampa has one of the best riverwalks in the country. Ours is booming with new construction, unbeatable water views, and countless activities; who could disagree?! Over the last few weeks, I’ve spent time up and down the Tampa Riverwalk scouting out the best activities for you and your friends!

From many free things to do and a leisurely stroll or a more active itinerary, the Tampa Riverwalk has something to fit every style, and we’re showing you how!

8 Things to Do at Tampa Riverwalk

1.) Grab a drink at SIP and listen to live music at Straz

Throughout the year, the Straz hosts local artists to perform on the outdoor stage on the Riverwalk. You can pick up a drink from the SiP, the airstream along the Riverwalk, or you can take a seat at Maestro’s Café and order there. Either way, live music + water views make for a vibey evening!

Make sure to check the Straz’s website for the most up-to-date calendar.

2.) Rent a bike (or bring your own!) and explore end to end

Bike rentals are aplenty in downtown Tampa. Rent through the Lyft or Lime apps or Tampa Riverwalk Rentals. Prices start around $3 to $20 depending on how long you keep them and how far you choose to go! From here, select your starting position and zoom your way to the other end, stopping to take in all the sights along the way.

Stop for a drink at the previously mentioned SiP airstream at the Straz, lay yourself in the grass for a much-needed break at Curtis Hixon Park, get yourself lunch or a snack at Armature Works and people watch. Then head toward Channelside and grab your second drink at the Sail.

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Here you can hang out with pups and watch the boats go by! There are lots of rentals out of the Convention Center so there’s never a shortage of activity.

Finally, end your ride at Sparkman Wharf; where you can treat yourself to a sweet treat or another snack or drink.

3.) Grab drinks at Stone’s Throw and sit on the water at Armature Works

For a more low-key activity, head to Stone’s Throw at Armature Works for a drink and snack. Pups are welcome! They have multiple TVs if you’re trying to catch a game or just enjoy the great outdoors and the sweeping water views.

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All of the tables are first come first serve so be sure to snag a spot if you see one available. They do fill up on the weekends. I highly recommend the Blackberry Lemonade and a place of their nachos.

4.) Hit a free outdoor workout

Tampa is an incredibly active city and we are sure to give you a plethora of options to get your sweat on! The city has organized a number of free workouts throughout the week along the Riverwalk. Armature Works and Sparkman Wharf host various types of workouts including pilates, yoga, HIIT, boxing and run club, usually put on by local studios.

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This is a great way to get involved with small businesses and make new friends!

Armature Works: AW has an extensive calendar of events that can be found here. And here is Sparkman Wharf’s calendar.

Curtis Hixon workouts:

  • Mondays, 6p: Rumble Boxing
  • Tuesdays, 6p: Zumba
  • Wednesday, 6p: Barre
  • Thursdays, 6p: Pilates
  • Sunday, 6p: Yoga

All details can be found here.

5.) Rent kayaks at Urban Kai

A great way to experience the Riverwalk is from the water! Head to Armature Works and rent kayaks or stand-up paddle boards at Urban Kai starting at $35/hour. You have the option to take a tour or jut rent the vessels and take yourself on a self-guided tour of the Hillsborough River.

These rentals are available year-round and provide a unique view of downtown. You might even spot a dolphin or some sting rays!

6.) Rent electric boat

Another boat rental option along the Riverwalk is to rent an e-boat from the Tampa Convention Center. This is such a fun activity to do at sunset, you’ll get the most beautiful views of downtown Tampa and the bay.

I highly recommend hosting a mini dinner party on an e-boat with charcuterie boards, pizza and wine! The boats can be rented anywhere from 1 to 4 hours starting at $89.

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7.) Catch a game at the Sail or Sparkman Wharf

During the NFL and NHL seasons, head to the Sail at the Convention Center or Sparkman Wharf to join watch parties. Oftentimes, you’ll find drink specials, as well. This is such a fun way to connect with other locals and cheer on your favorite Tampa Bay teams!

8.) Take the Pirate Water Taxi

Another fun way to experience the Tampa Riverwalk is from the Pirate Water Taxi! You can purchase a day pass for $26 for adults and $16 for children as Florida residents (you must present an ID at check in).

They’ve recently expanded their route to go around Harbor Island so you can enjoy even more views of downtown Tampa. Your daypass tickets also give you discounts to a number of businesses along the route, including 20% at Jotoro at Sparkman Wharf.

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The route starts at Sparkman Wharf and ends at Armature Works but you can take the taxi in either direction and hop on and off as many times as you’d like.

BONUS: Festivals, Events & Live Music

Festivals and special events have become a mainstay along the Tampa Riverwalk with most of the festivals happening at Curtis Hixon Park. There are monthly events like Fourth Friday Tampa, food truck rallies, themed events like the Margarita Festival and FREE Rock the Park concerts on the first Thursday of each month.

Check out our curated list of Clearwater, St. Pete and Tampa events and things to dofor happenings along the Riverwalk and beyond each month.

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Right around the corner is the Tampa Marriott Water Street, home of the beautifulAnchor and Brinerestaurant, as well as the hugely underratedCotanchobee Fort Brooke Park,between Amalie Arena.

The Riverwalk ends at the Tampa Bay History Center, with the famousColombia Café.Continuing your walk farther east, you’ll find a plethora of dining and entertainment options withinSparkman Wharf, which has a similar “group hang” vibe as Armature Works, and even farther past the cruise port is the Florida Aquarium with its eye-catching 80′ tall glass domed “Wetlands” habitat.

MORE: Water Activities

Rent an eBoat(open late until 10pm) or mini powerboat (last rental at 6pm) to explore the downtown waterways. There are multiple restaurants where docking is permitted, and no boating license is required. For more of a workout, Tampa Bay Waterbike Co. offers a unique experience to pedal your way down the river on water bike or in a biyak (bike-powered kayak).

Alternatively, hop on and off the Pirate Water Taxi at various stops along the Riverwalk while taking in scenic views of the waterfront, including stops at Channelside for shopping, Harbor Island, and DavisIsland’srestaurant row.

Prefer a booze cruise? Enjoy pedal-powered fun on the Kraken Cycleboat or make your way down the river on a floating tiki boat with Cruisin’ Tikis Tampa Bay. Both tours are BYOB.

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Where Does the Tampa Riverwalk Begin and End?

The Tampa Riverwalk walkway begins north of downtown Tampa at the Heights Public Market inside the Tampa Armature Works building, by the North Blvd. Bridge. It continues south along the shores of the Hillsborough River, finally terminating by the Tampa History Museum and Channelside Drive, home to the redeveloped Sparkman Wharf.

Are The Places to Eat & Drink Along the Riverwalk?

Most of the food and drink spots along the Tampa Riverwalk are concentrated within Armature Works and Sparkman Wharf. You can find the full Armature Works vendor list here, and the full Sparkman Wharf vendor list here.

Also check out Everything You Need for a Date at Water Street Tampa

A Tampa Riverwalk Date Night For Any Style (2024)
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